Vacques Wine Estate is located in the heart of the Sainte Foy historic county (Pays Foyen in French), a region with a broad range of leisure and tourist activities. Only a short driving distance away from the estate, you will find Tennis courts, an internationally renowned golf, canoe and bike rentals, horseback riding, karting, swimming and even a waterpark, a bowling alley.

Sainte Foy La Grande (a 12th century fortified town), Saint Emilion village (a UNESCO World’s Heritage site), Duras Castle and the city of Bordeaux, all known for their history, culture and gastronomy are destinations easily accessible from Vacques.

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Vacques Wine Estate is a small hamlet made up of a main house and a winery from the 19th century surrounded by an old farm from the 17th century. Four families used to live on the estate and were virtually self-sufficient. They would go down to the fortified town of Sainte Foy La Grande only once a week on market day or to sell barrels of wines which were transported on the River Dordogne to Bordeaux. Many features of this time are still noticeable on the estate: three vigneron cottages are still standing as well as a cattle barn, a masonry oven, a forge with its hearth, a dovecote, a small water tower and a water well.

Nowadays, the main house has been restored and is occupied by the family of Christian Birac, winemaker of the Vacques Wine Estate. Two of the vigneron houses have been done up and are being rented as holiday guesthouses to tourists. The Harvesters’ Cottage and The Annexe are the perfect accommodation if you want to spend an unforgettable vacation in the heart of the French country.

The 12-hectare (30-acre) vineyard is still cultivated and the winery, modernised in the last century, is still used to produce delicious Bordeaux red, white and rosé wines. During a visit or a longer stay, you will discover the magic and sciences behind winemaking and learn the art of wine tasting.